Overview of Webinar Series

YES !!! I Want To Get Business Planning Advice From The Best

by Highly Experienced & Proven Corporate & Business Guru


BizPlanningMethod is the most comprehensive strategic business planning online course directly by proven business guru. Some of our training are open to public. But majority are exclusively to Paid Premium Students Only. Join Us as Student Today and enjoy a total transformation of your strategic business planning skills

EvannaMiss8 Host of BizPlanningMethod

LIVE Training Schedules are as follows

Systematic Agenda To Ensure
You Fully Understand Each Training

Sun Tzu Art of War & Strategy

Sun Tzu Art of War is more than military strategy. It’s also the ultimate guide for successful businesses & strategist to stay ahead at business & work. BizPlanningMethod will be infusing Sun Tzu Art of War & Strategy Wisdom In Each Live Module

Master Trainer for BizPlanningMethod

Mr. Johari Low

  • 1

    Extensive Corporate & Business Experience for Over 40 Years

    Previously Auditor at Deloitte, Executive Director of AmBank Group, Group MD of Berjaya Group, director of Prudential Malaysia, co-founder of BHLB Pacific Management Trust (now part of CIMB), CEO of KFC Malaysia and Deputy Chairman of Anglo Eastern Plantations PLC, Non-executive Director of Amcorp Berhad, i-City Berhad, APB Resources Bhd and Malpac Holdings Berhad

  • 2

    Co-Founder & Chairman of Rockwills International Group

  • 3

    Fellow CPA and Chartered Accountant double awards winner

  • 4

    Started His First Successful Business Venture at the Tender Age of 23

  • 5

    Became one of the youngest to be appointed to the board of a bank (AmBank) at age of 33

  • 6

    Served as council member of MICPA, MIA, Lions Club and La Salle Petaling Jaya

  • 7

    Served as Adviser to Federation of Public Listed Companies, Malaysian Institute of Corporate Governance & Several Business Tycoons

  • 8

    Venture Capitalist

BizPlanningMethod is NOT for Everyone, It's for Those Who

  • Wish to have a More Holistic Training by Proven Successful Strategic Business Guru & Entrepreneur

  • Hungry for real solutions than FREE surface information from internet, workshops, conferences

  • Tired of Shallow Advice, Quick Fix and now have a strong desire to commit to see transformational result

  • Want a real expert that you can go to ask question and to guide you to the end desired result.

  • Ready to devote your time and money to alleviating your pain in business planning

  • Tired of trying to figure things out on your own and attend more training that don't generate result

  • Don’t want to tolerate not having a proper strategic business plan anymore

  • Tired of searching, asking and looking out for support from various people regarding your business


Great News !!! You don’t need to look any further …

You’ll be trained directly by Mr. Low, an experienced guru in both corporate & business world. BizPlanningMethod teaches you step by step on developing practical & strategic business plan that ultimately creates wealth & success for you.

EvannaMiss8 Host of BizPlanningMethod

Who Is BizPlanningMethod Course For ?

  • Start Up Entrepreneurs Who Wish to Start with the Right Business Foundation

  • Experienced Entrepreneurs who wish to be trained directly from a proven corporate & business guru

  • Employees who are taking up key positions in their company and who want to upgrade their strategic business planning skills

  • Those who want to learn strategic planning to improve long term success of their business and beat the competition

  • People stuck on writing a business plan

  • People who want to create a great plan before starting their business

  • People who need a business plan to help them raise money

How BizPlanning Course Is Structured

  • You'll get more live online sessions directly with Mr. Low . Quizzes will be given after each session

  • All live online face to face video & engagement directly with Mr. Low

  • Some live sessions are FREE for public, some are exclusively for premium students only

  • Premium Students will have access to all exclusive sessions, replay & download recordings at any time and post questions relating to the course directly to Mr. Low

  • Each Live session is 90 mins.

    consist of systematic agenda with Sun Tzu Art of War, core presentation, Live Q&A and Post Training Quiz and Explanation to make sure you fully understand

  • If Students missed LIVE session. They can post question in forum area and Mr. Low will answer in the forum or in the next session LIVE training

  • Full Recording & Download will be available 2-3 days after LIVE session

    All recordings will be at www.bizplanningmethod.com/members

Personal Touch for Premium Students Only

  • Mr. Low loves helping self-initiative students who are action oriented & ask questions whenever they face business problem.

  • Premium students are able to start discussions and post questions/ideas in private forum. All related questions will be answered directly by Mr. Low

BizPlanningMethod Is For People Just Like You

Mr. Low

Throughout his 40 over years in both corporate & business environment, he saw thousands of people fail through lack of business planning or making common business planning mistakes. Over time, many business tycoons sought him out for advice on strategic business planning on a 1-on-1 private engagement.

However, it is his wish to share his experience & knowledge to benefit more people. This course is a much more affordable option than engaging him 1-on-1.

Each live session, he will give you actionable advice for how you can relate what has been taught by him directly to your business

Mr. Low Business Guru & Master Trainer of BizPlanningMethod

Why Learn Business Plan ?

  • To Crystallise Thoughts and Chart Direction for Your Team to Follow

  • To Give Banks Confidence When You Borrow Funds

  • Give Focus & Assurance That You Know You Are On the Right Track in Business

  • To Give Investors a Clear Idea before They Put Their Money into Your Business

Course Outline

* Sun Tzu Art of War in Each Module
a Detailed 76-Pages Complete Sample Business Plan for Download
* Introduction & Overview
* Pre-Course Mastery Test
* Post-Course Mastery
* Deep Dive Look Into Four Real Life Cases on Strategy

* Why Plan
* Getting Started
* Situational Analysis
** Introduction
** The Need for Historical Data
** Macro Environment
** Market Analysis
** Competitors
** Product Offerings

** Sales Channels
** Critical Success Factors (CSF)
** SWOT Analysis
** Profitability
** Resources & Constraints
** Risk Analysis

* Developing the Strategic Roadmap ** Introduction
** Mission, Core Values and Vision
** Strategy
** Positioning
** Business Alignment
** Key Objectives, Goals, KPAs and KPIs


The Day You Plant the Seed is NOT the day you reap your Fruits. To be successful in any skill require time & effort even if you are guided by the BEST Guru.

BizPlanningMethod is a detailed & thorough 12 months in-depth program on Strategic Business Planning that saves you from failing badly in any business.

EvannaMiss8 Host of BizPlanningMethod

BizPlanningMethod is only for those who are committed to transform their strategic business planning skills

What are you going to get from BizPlanningMethod

  • Direct training with business guru with updated content!
  • You will be comfortable writing your own business plan
  • You will understand what is a business model and how to create a good one for your business
  • You will understand and learn how to write each section of a business plan
  • Personal help from the master trainer if you have specific questions
  • You will understand how to see your market: whether it is big enough or viable enough
  • You will learn how to identify possible revenue streams and opportunities to expand your business
  • You will understand business planning concepts like cash flow, profitability, customer value and breakeven
  • You will save time and money by not having to hire a consultant or running through theroritical write-up
  • Create a great foundation for your business skills
  • Become a stronger & more competitive entrepreneur

Total Market Value of BizPlanningMethod

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